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                      Since 1971,CHINE LEE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
                      Has developed from a mould factory to a household products manufacturer.
                      Having over 49 years of experience as a specialist in style designing, mould
                      Making, manufacturing and export household goods.

                      Our high-quality warmers, servers and cookers have been satisfying customers
                      in worldwide & modern, exquisite designs are welcome additions in homes or at parties and events. With interiors made of 18/8 stainless steel and exteriors constructed from high-grade ABS, they can keep food warm for more than 6 hours.

                      Our vision is "Golden fire" to be the well-know brand worldwide and technology leadership.

                      our mission is to be the trusted partner with our customers
                      and are satisfied with our provide the high-quality products and services.